In chapters 9 and 10, Phillip and Ms. Narwin start to clash. Can you give examples of the beginning of their clash?

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ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The “truth” about the clash between Phillip Malloy and Ms. Narwin in Avi’s novel, Nothing But The Truth depends upon what perspective from which you view it but a significant factor is attitude. The conflict starts with Phillip Malloy and Ms. Narwin. But the question is why. Clearly Phillip is already having difficulties in school as his mother has made Phillip’s father talk to him about his grades. Mr. Malloy isn’t concerned because he never cared for books or English either. This tells Phillip a poor attitude and effort is okay. The worst thing that could happen so far as Phillip and his father can tell is that Phillip might fail English, but he can always make the credit up during summer school.

Ms. Narwin who has taught for many years was turned down for grant money to attend a teacher’s workshop while a younger newer teacher got all of the grant money. Ms. Narwin is furious and feels disrespected by the parents, students, and administrators. So she is going into the classroom with a negative attitude.

Supported, albeit unintentionally, by a negative attitudes from home, Philip confides to his friend Ken that he hates Narwin and is going to be transferred out of her class. Bucked up by his friend, Phillip hums along to the National Anthem even though students are supposed to remain silent during the announcement time. Miss Narwin asks him to stop. Philip argues that he always hummed during "The Star-Spangled Banner" in Mr. Lunser's homeroom, but he stops humming. Miss Narwin complains about Philip "singing" instead of letting it drop, and Phillip knows just how to push the buttons he needs to push in order to get out of Narwin’s room.

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