What are the different types of "fundamentals" that Changez follows in the novel?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Changez embraces different "fundamental" ideas in the course of the novel.  The initial one would be his immediate embrace of the opportunity ideology that impacts so many immigrants coming to the United States.  If Changez worked hard and played by the established rules, he would find success, prosperity, and happiness.  This becomes enhanced by his work at Underwood Samson, a firm that was driven with the present, focused on that which can be validated in the form of "about the task of shaping the future with little regard for the past.”  This becomes another set of ideas that he embraces.  As he understands more about his own identity, Changez understands his own role as a Janissary, as described by Juan- Batista. Once Changez recognizes his own culpability in such a condition, he begins to embrace a set of fundamental ideas that espouse Pakistani International Independence, a point of view that ends up with him being labeled as Anti- American.  Changez becomes the representation of embracing different forms of "fundamentals" throughout the course of the novel, ideas that end up crafting his own characterization.