What happens in Chapters 6-10 of Tuck Everlasting?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 6, Winnie is whisked away as she is about to drink from the spring.  Her kidnappers are Mae Tuck and her boys Miles and Jesse.  When Winnie begins to cry, Mae soothes her with a music box, whose music Winnie remembers hearing in the woods before.

In Chapter 7, the Tucks tell her their amazing story, about how eighty-seven years ago they unwittingly discovered that the water in the spring has magical powers.  Anyone who drinks from it will never die.

In Chapter 8, the Tucks are euphoric that they finally have been able to share their secret with someone.  Their exhuberance in contagious, expecially when Winnie realizes that they are her friends.  No one notices that the man in the yellow suit has crept up by the stream, and has heard the whole story about the magic waters.

In Chapter 9, Winnie arrives at the Tucks' home, and is warmly welcomed by the patriarch, Angus Tuck.

In Chapter 10, Winnie, who has had a very structured upbringing, is surprised at the disorder in which the Tucks live.  After thinking about it, she realizes that their home, though not neat, is comfortable.  Mae tells her about some of the difficulties of life that occur because they will never grow old - for example, they have to keep moving around because people will get suspicious, and they can have no lasting friends.  The Tucks are positive in attitude, however, and accepting of whatever comes their way.