In chapters 5-6, Nick has two big ideas. Was he right or wrong to act out his plan?  

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Chapter 5:  Mrs. Granger assigned Nick an oral report. His topic was on the origin of words, with a focus on the dictionary. In chapter 5, Nick gave his report. During his report, he touched on the idea that someone has to decide what words mean. His idea was to make his oral report extremely long so that it took up the whole class period. Nick knew that his report "was one of the greatest time-wasters he had ever invented." He was, after all, an expert on wasting time in class.

Chapter 6:  In this chapter, Nick and his friend, Janet, were walking home from school. Janet spotted a fancy looking pen on the ground. She decided to keep it. Then Nick bumped into Janet and the pen fell. He bent down to pick it up and hand it to her.  He handed it to her, but instead of calling it a pen, he called it a "frindle." His idea was to start using the word "frindle" instead of "pen." He did this at school, and he got his classmates to do the same. Mrs. Granger did not like this plan and she found it to be disruptive.

Do you think that Nick's two ideas were good?  For example, his idea to call a pen a "frindle" helped to entertain him and his classmates. However, it caused tension between him and his teacher. Do you think that this idea was right or wrong, based on what happened?


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