In chapters 19-21 of Hope Was Here, what does G.T. ask of Hope?

Expert Answers
mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After G.T. marries Addie, he asks Hope if she would consider letting him adopt her.  He wants to officially be her father.  Hope accepts and is thrilled with this idea.  She has longed for her biological father to come back into her life for years.  She has gotten to know G.T. and trusts him.

Hope tells G.T. that he is "as real and true a father as a human being will get in this world."  She shows him all of her scrapbooks so that he can know the story of her life.  She shares these memories with him as a father figure.  She finally realizes that a father does not have to be someone who you share DNA with.  Instead, it can be someone who is dedicated to their child.