In Chapter 8 of "The Great Gatsby", what does Jordan do the morning following the accident?How is gatsby's body discoverd? why does no one find gatsby earlier?

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The day after the accident, Jordan Baker calls Nick at work and tells him that she has left Daisy's house and gone to Hempstead.  She tells him that she is heading to South Hampton.  The conversation ends with Nick, more or less, that any relationship that might have existed between Nick and Jordan was now over.

Nick was preoccuped with thoughts of Gatsby, having spoken to him before he left to go to work.  Nick tried calling Gatsby several times but the line was constantly busy.

Nick rushes home to West Egg and finds Gatsby dead, floating in the pool, having been shot and killed by George Wilson, who is also dead by his own hand.

With no servants in the house, just the bunch from Meyer Wolfsheim, Nick suggests that the chauffeur, butler and gardener knew that something happened to Gatsby, they must have heard the shots, but apparently disregarded them.

"The chauffeur, he was one of Wolshiem's proteges, heard the shots, afterward he could only say that he hadn't thought anything much about them." (Fitzgerald)

Wolfsheim's men are trained to mind their business, as members of his mob of goons, they don't get involved in the boss's business, they mind their own business, ignore sounds like shots, because they were probably taught to to so.  If someone is being eliminated, you don't ask questions, you just follow orders.


kmj23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At around noon the next day, Jordan calls Nick tell him that she has left Daisy and is at Hempstead, preparing to go down to Southampton later that afternoon. Her conversation with Nick is tense and brief, and puts an end to their romantic relationship. Nick does not care at all about breaking up with her and simply gets on the with the rest of his day.

As for Gatsby's body, it is discovered by Nick, the chauffeur, the butler, and the gardener, floating in the pool, later that afternoon. You might be wondering why nobody found Gatsby's body earlier than this, given that he was not at home alone. Remember, however, that Gatsby was waiting for a long distance call from Detroit. Therefore, while he swam in the pool, his staff were inside the house, waiting for the call. The chauffeur admits to Nick that he heard the shot but thought nothing of it. Perhaps, being one of Wolfsheim's men, he is accustomed to hearing gunshots while at work, hence he did not bother to check on Gatsby.

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