In Chapter Two of All Quiet on the Western Front, describe the training that Paul and his classmates go through? I.e. both mentally and physically.

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In the second chapter of All Quiet on the Western Front, Paul describes the training that the men received under the hand of Corporal Himmelstoss.  Himmelstoss has the reputation of being overly strict, and he maintains this reputation with the men of Paul's platoon.  Paul has to clean different areas of the barracks in crude ways (i.e. with a toothbrush) until his hands are bleeding.  He has to do insane amounts of exercise and weapons handling.  All the while, Himmelstoss refers to the men as "swine."  But Paul says that the training allowed the soldiers to endure the horrible conditions in the trenches and to withstand the horrors that they would see on the battlefield.  In the end, Paul says that the harsh physical and mental training gave the men the valuable sense of comradeship that held them together during the war.

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