What chapter titles are symbolic to the nature of the chapter in Lord of the Flies by William Golding?  

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Chapter Eight, "Gift for the Darkness," is the most symbolic chapter title in Lord of the Flies.  "Gift for the Darkness is imbued with double-meaning and represents one of the larger themes for the entire novel, man's own potential for evil.

 In this chapter, the hunters realize their potential for cruelty and destruction as they kill their first sow, and Jack leaves the head on a stick as a 'gift' or offering to the beast.  That moment is the literal "gift for the darkness, but Simon also speaks to the Lord of the Flies who assures Simon that "I'm the reason why it's no go? Why things are what they are? 143)  Simon discovers that the beast on the island is the potential for evil in each of the boys, their own "gift for the darkness."


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All the the titles for each chapter are symbolic. They all indicate what is going to happen in the chapter. For example; the 6th chapter is called "Beast from Air" and in this chapter the dead pilot falls from the sky. The boys think that whatever has fallen is the beast because they have not yet discovered it is only a dead pilot with a parachute. 

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