In Chapter Three of "Lord Of The Flies" why does Ralph reproach Jack?Why did Ralph reproach Jack in the third chapter?

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This scene reveals the growing rift between Ralph and Jack.  Ralph would really like for Jack to take more of a responsible lead over his hunters and encourage them to support the rules of the tribe, particularly that of keeping the signal fire lit and helping out more around their camp, building shelters.  Ralph feels that he is shouldering most of the responsibility and wishes that Jack would do more to help.

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This episode is consistent with the overall dispute between Jack and Ralph. Where Ralph sees a need to be practical and to strategize, Jack sees opportunities to play. 

Jack lets his imagination and his romantic ideas carry him away, while Ralph attempts to stay grounded and to remain "adult". 

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Ralph is annoyed because Jack and his choir/hunters are not contributing by working on the shelters.  When Ralph comes to check on Jack’s progress building huts, he is not happy.

“Been working for days now. And look!”

Two shelters were in position, but shaky. This one was a ruin.

“And they keep running off. You remember the meeting? How everyone

was going to work hard until the shelters were finished?” (ch 3)

Ralph is annoyed because the kids keep running off.  Jack seems to not taking shelter building very seriously, and neither does the rest of the choir.  This is an example of the difference between Ralph and Jack.  Ralph represents civilization, while Jack represents savagery.  Clearly Jack would not be interested in building huts, because that is important to civilization.

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Ralph is angry with Jack because Jack does not want to help him and Simon make huts. Additionally, Ralph believes Jack is using his hunting duties as an excuse for not working on the huts with him and Simon. 

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In Chapter Three of "Lord Of The Flies" why does Ralph reproach Jack?

Why did Ralph reproach Jack in the third chapter?

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