In Chapter Three of The Giver, What happens to Jonas as a result of his decision to take an apple?

droark | Student

In chapter 3 Jonas is playing with an apple with his friend. The boys are throwing it back and forth when all of a sudden Jonas notices something strange happens.

"The apple had changed. Just for an instant. It had changed in mid-air" (24).

Jonas throws the apple again and the same thing happens. Confused, Jonas decides to take the apple home. But when he does there is a Public Announcement made reminding all "male elevens" that things should not be taken away from the recreation center and that all snacks must be eaten and not "hoarded" (23).

This public anoucnment seems to not only be repremanding Jonas for his small infractions against the rules but also acknlowedging that someone is watching him and knows that something happened.

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