In chapter ten, how can I connect it text to text?how can i connect chapter ten  text to texo ? text to world ?

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Text to text refers to how you can relate the events to other events in the book.  You have examples of that.  Text to world would be how you can relate the events to real life.  There is hardship and treachery everywhere, as well as bravery.  Text to self would be to connect it to an event in your life.

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There are two ways you can connect Chapter 10 text-to-text. Baba's courage in defying the soldier when the truck is stopped relates to an early part of the story when Amir is not fearless and courageous. The catatonic state of the brutal Kamal relates to an earlier part in the text when Kamal terrorizes Hassan. It also relates to a later portion when Amir attempts restitution.

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thank you guys this helps a lot 
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