What are the section summaries for the book Harvest Of Empire by Juan Gonzalez?

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Your question is about summaries of each of the three sections of Harvest of Empire by Juan González. The three sections of Harvest of Empire are Roots, Branches, and Harvest. The book is a study of the history, culture, and influence of Latino people in the United States.

Part One: Roots
In part one, González examines both the English colonization of North America and the Spanish colonization of Latin America. He explains how the United States became a global power, while Latin American countries became less powerful than the United States. This section also discusses how the United States has political control over some Latin American countries. It's very focused on history.

Part Two: Branches
In part two, González considers the people themselves. Latino people come from a diverse set of backgrounds, immigrating to the United States from countries like Mexico, Cuba, Panama, and many more. (González dedicates chapters in part two to individual countries to shine a light on...

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