In chapter six what question did Koly ask the man in the pension office?

Expert Answers
thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Koly asked the man at the pension office if she would receive her pension in the event that she moved away. The man informed her that she could only receive the pension through a mail address which Koly lacked and to obtain an address, one needed money which Koly also lacked. She had been contemplating escaping from the Mehtas residence at the time because of the mistreatment and suffering she was undergoing. Sass, her mother-in-law, mercilessly made Koly labor throughout the day and the young girl disliked it. She wanted her freedom but was worried about how she would sustain herself. She queried the man because she needed to ascertain whether after moving away, there was a possibility that she would be receiving the money directly, thus managing to sustain herself. Since her husband’s demise, the Mehtas had been receiving a widow’s pension intended for Koly but Sass had lied to her that the envelope’s contents were for official business. They spent the money on their obligations including offsetting Chandra’s dowry.