Are there any chapter-specific questionnaires or quizzes for The Reivers by Faulkner?

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The Reivers is the final novel by William Faulkner, who received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1963 for the book. The "reiver" referenced by the book's title is Boon Hogganbeck, the friend of protagonist Lucius Priest. Boon steals Lucius' grandfather's car in order to drive to Memphis to court a prostitute.

eNotes currently has a summary, analysis, character list, and a critical essay on the novel (please see the link below), but no quizzes for specific chapters. That being said, if you are preparing for a test, the aforementioned materials are quite thorough. You also may find it helpful to review the questions for group discussions, which can be found under the "Analysis" tab (again, please see the link). Testing yourself by answering these questions will be a good way to assess if you are ready for your exam! I have included a few of these questions below:

"When Lucius confesses his various sins and expresses regret, the one for which he is most ashamed is lying. What are the principle values by which he tries to live? Why does he consider lying the most serious of his failings during his adventure? Why do his father and grandfather decide that whipping him for his failings is not appropriate punishment?"

"How does Lucius's grandfather define a gentleman? What are the new rules Lucius must accept in order to live as an adult gentleman? Where does the authority of these rules come from? Are they to be found in religious scripture or the human heart or both?

Again, more questions can be found on the "Analysis" page. Please feel free to contact us if you have other questions!

abajrami | Student

As of right now we do not have specific questionnaires or quizzes by chapter for The Reivers by William Faulkner. In our study tools, there is only a section that summarizes that story, its characters and places the characters visit.  However, this is something that eNotes can work on with you, if you need it.  Simply write out questions in the homework help section under literature for each chapter and someone will assist you in your study of the story.  By asking the specific questions in the Homework Help, we will be more able to directly assist in your studies of these chapters and the overlying themes of the story.  The Reivers takes place in the early part of the 20th century and is the last novel for William Faulkner.  Again, good luck with the novel and feel free to continue to write Homework Help questions for this novel.  

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