In chapter one, what happens durning the two minutes hate?

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The Two Minutes Hate is a daily exercise that the Party members participate in during the middle of their workday. The Party members sit in rows of chairs facing a telescreen, where a hideous grinding sound blares from the speakers as Emmanuel Goldstein's face flashes sporadically onto the screen. Goldstein then begins to deliver a "venomous" attack on the Party as he denounces Big Brother and overexaggerates claims about Oceania's regime that are obviously false. The images of the Eurasian army are then projected onto the screen with Goldstein’s bleating voice in the background.

The Party members are worked into a frenzy and begin yelling, cursing, and spitting at the telescreen. Their repressed feelings and emotions are directed towards Big Brother's enemies, which are projected onto the telescreen. Winston even recalls seeing a coworker throw a Newspeak dictionary at Goldstein's face. At the climax of the Two Minutes Hate, Goldstein's voice changes into the sound of a sheep’s bleat before his face transforms into the image of a Eurasian soldier shooting a machine gun directly at the audience. Then, the hostile figure melts into the image of Big Brother, who offers a few words of encouragement to the audience before the Party's slogan flashes onto the screen.

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The two minute hate starts with and ear-piercing screech and then a huge picture of Emmanuel Goldstein, enemy of the party, appears on a large telescreen. People openly hiss and boo since the purpose of the two minute hate is to expell all of the anger and hatred that is pent up in everyone towards the "scapegoat" Emmanuel Goldstein. Once the hatred builds into a climax, the face is replaced by a soothing one to the people: the face of big brother. Big brother calms and soothes them and then is replaced by the slogans of the party: war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength. The two minute hate is partly a theraputic exercise and partially another way of controlling and indoctrinating the people of Oceania. Finally, Winston is very aware of Julia and O'Brien--two characters which will figure significantly later in the novel.

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