In Chapter One of the Great Gatsby, how does NIck react to Jordan?

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It seems as if Nick is quite intimidated by Jordan Baker when he sees her for the first time. His description indicates that she is completely relaxed, and she seems to have a somewhat supercilious air about her. Her chin is up and she is immobile. She is lying on the couch, stretched out to the full. This description, in itself, reflects self-confidence. Nick is, at this point, almost in awe of her and feels that he has to apologize for having disturbed her.

In his later description, Nick, once again, displays how awestruck he is by Miss Baker. Her reaction to him, though, seems to be deliberately subdued. Her slight movement to acknowledge him is quickly replaced by her previous posture, and Nick again feels the urge to apologize. He explains the reason for his reaction as follows:

Almost any exhibition of complete self-sufficiency draws a stunned tribute from me.

This means that Ms. Baker projects an image of someone who is completely independent and in control. Nick's remark suggests that...

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