In the chapter "My Most Frightening Moment", why didn't Rhonda cry over Rob's death?

Expert Answers
schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Rhonda is angry that Rob died.  She had been a witness to a conversation the boys had the previous day.  It was a dark day, one with plenty of snow, and Gerald was talking about how the trees didn't have any leaves and everything looked so ugly.  Rob said that he knew how to brighten up the day by getting "bottles of sunshine" at the local liquor store.  The bottles of sunshine were liquor, but Andy said that he coud get ahold of some beer, and he could have it after the game. Rhonda isn't crying because she is mad at the boys for drinking.  They were all of the belief that they were young and couldn't die, but Rob did, and that frightened Rhonda and made her mad.