In chapter III, what does the author do to convey that the gentleman driving the car is drunk?In chapter 5 cite an example of hyperbole and explain the effects created?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 3 the guests are beginning to leave the party when they hear a crash.  Upon arriving at the scene the observers see the car half off the road with the wheel broken and in a ditch.  Owl-eyes is looking around and initially people think he was driving but he tells them that someone else was driving.  The driver eventually works his way out of the car.  He is disoriented and the author lets the reader know he is drunk by the dialogue the drunk man uses.  He is slurring his words and hard to understand.

He makes statements like:

"At first I din' notice we'd stopped."

"Wonder'ff tell me where there's a gas'line station?"

He wants to put the car in reverse and back it out even though the crowd continues to try and make him realize the wheel is no longer attached to the car.

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