Across Five Aprils Questions and Answers
by Irene Hunt

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In Chapter Four of Across Five Aprils, where did the other schoolmasters who came before Shad live?  

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Before Shadrach Yale, the other schoolmasters took turns living with different families throughout the district.

When Shad, the new schoolmaster, petitioned for space and privacy, he was granted permission to build a teacher's log room adjoining the schoolhouse. According to Jethro, Shad's cabin was warm and comfortable, containing everything 'any man had a right to expect.' There were braided rugs on the floor, brass candlesticks on the mantle of the fireplace, wooden shelves for books, a wide bed covered with cozy comforters, and a heavy, walnut cupboard filled with food, cooking implements, and dishes.

In the chapter, Jethro shared a chicken dinner with Shad and spent the night at his teacher's cabin. They conversed on a variety of topics, from the war to Shad's relationship with Jenny. The evening ended with Jethro falling asleep to the strains of music from Shad's guitar.

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