In Chapter Eleven of Lord of the Flies, why do Ralph and Piggy decide to go to Jack's fort?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the platform, Ralph and Piggy and SamnEric find themselves completely forlorn. Piggy is heartbroken because his glasses are gone, stolen by Jack and his hunters. Ralph is shaken to the core because of the murder of Simon and their inability to light a signal fire. SamnEric don't know what to do as they see their leader and the smartest boy on the island in despair.

Ralph cannot even answer when Piggy asks him to tell them what to do. He is desperate for some leadership other than that which Jack represents but Ralph has lost the ability to lead.

Piggy decides that they have to go and ask Jack for his glasses back. Piggy insists that he will tell Jack how he really feels and that Jack will respond in the proper way and return his glasses. At first Ralph is hesitant but eventually he agrees to go as he sees no other way to move forward.

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