In Chapter 8, what is Jack's plan after naming himself chief, and what is his plan regarding the beast?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jack clearly uses the beast as a means by which he can seize power. His rise to the position of chief is directly linked with the strength of the beast and its power over the boys lives. It is important to recognise that once the boys fully believe in the beast and its power any pretense of lingering civilization on the island is abandoned. More and more boys flock to Jack and his group of savages. The democracy that we saw initiated at the beginning of the novel has now devolved into a tyrannical form of rule, with Jack as despot, and interestingly the beast becomes both the feared monster and revered god. The boys now offer a sacrifice to the beast in the form of the sow's head, significantly planting it in the same glad that Simon spent some time in in Chapter 3, which signifies the transformation of unsoiled goodness and beauty into evil. One has to admire the way in which Jack uses the beast to maintain his power and rule - he identifies that as long as he can maintain the fear and devotion of the beast in the boys, he will stay in power.

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