Why Does Nick Feel Responsible For Gatsby Funeral

In chapter 9 of The Great Gatsby, why does Nick feel responsible for the funeral?

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Nick is the first one that makes any calls regarding what had happened to Gatsby. Because he did so, every practical question or idea about the situation seemed to be referred to him. He notes that others just weren't around or available. Nick tried to connect with Daisy, but they were gone. He realizes that this came down to just him because no one else took interest in doing something about the fact that Gatsby was gone. It became his responsibility because no one else stepped up to take responsibility or even wanted the responsibility.

Then, he feels responsible to make sure that people attend because everyone should be honored in their death. He feels like it should be easy enough to find one person who cares. This is why he went to Wolfsheim. He thought if anyone, Wolfsheim would care. But Wolfsheim can't because he sees plenty of people die in his line of work and to get sensitive now would be a problem for him.

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