In chapter 9, why do Ralph and Piggy join the dance?

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There is a thunder storm at the time with much lightening.  Ralph and Piggy feel more secure in the safety of numbers than they do on the periphery of the other dancing and chanting boys.  Also, they are caught up in the frenzy just as the other boys are.

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Ralph and Piggy join the dance because they are succumbing to their own weakness, exhaustion, and loneliness. A storm is coming, they are alone , and are tired of trying to keep the others from siding with Jack's tribe.

The fire and roasting pig are strong incentives for the pair, and weakness takes over, and they go. They are tired and hungry, and for a time , just want to quit resisting , and let someone else take care of them.

As the storm builds, the boys are ordered to dance. The excitement even affects Ralph and Piggy , so they dance until Simon makes his appearance.

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