What does Angus say to Winnie in Chapter 9 of Tuck Everlasting?

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In Chapter 9, Angus Tuck tells Winnie,

"There's just no words to tell you how happy I am to see you.  It's the finest thing that's happened in...at least eighty years".

Angus Tuck is clearly delighted to see Winnie, but before he completes his enthusiastic, welcoming greeting to her, he asks Mae Tuck, "Does she know?"  Tuck wants to make sure that Winnie has been told the secret of their everlasting life before he tells her that her coming is the best thing that has happened in eighty years. 

Winnie senses immediately the genuine delight behind Angus Tuck's welcoming words.  When he looks at her, his eyes go soft, and "the gentlest smile in the world displace(s) the melancholy creases of his cheeks".  Winnie sees an expression on Tuck's face that makes her "feel like an unexpected present, wrapped in pretty paper and tied with ribbons".  A "warm, pleasant feeling" spreads through her, and she cannot help but be drawn to the mournful but welcoming man.

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