In Chapter 9 of The Chrysalids, how does Rosalind save a potentially dangerous situation?

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 9 of The Chrysalids, Petra unknowingly uses her telepathic powers to scream for help when in danger of drowning. David, while working in the far away fields, feels an irresistible urge to run. At the end of his run, he discovers Petra on the verge of drowning. As he rescues her, Rosalind comes on the run also. Both Rosalind and David had telepathically sensed Petra's telepathic scream and had been compelled by its nature to run to the source, even though they had not known its origin.

This event is dangerously problematic for David and Rosalind because questions were raised in the community as to how either David or Rosalind could possibly have heard Petra's cries over the distance from which the cries came. Rosalind came to the rescue and David and she followed the plan of acting casual and nonchalant about the event, saying that anyone who had been there with either Rosalind or David would surely have heard the cries, also.

This tricky plan succeeds in stopping the questions and the towns people let the matter drop. Rosalind can be compared to the Rosalind of Shakespeare's play As You Like It because she also helped the lead male character out of trouble by her reasoning power and strength of will.