In Chapter 9 of Lord of the Flies, how does Jack try "to tempt" the rest of Ralph's group to join the hunters?What symbolic reference could this have?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jack decided to throw a party--a feast--and include all of his hunters as well as those still loyal to Ralph. Jack seems to realize that the other boys will join him and gorge themselves on the meat of the pig, and they will not want to go back to Ralph afterward. It symbolizes the extent of the boys' fall from civilized order and into the hedonistic lifestyle that requires no rules. Even Ralph and Piggy decide to attend, giving in to their desire to fill their bellies. Ralph declares that he doesn't care anymore who joins Jack. It is similar to an old Roman orgy (minus the sex). The boys paint themselves as Jack sits like an "idol."

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