CHAPTER 9: Describe the terrible event at the end of this chapter in Lord of the Flies. What happened and why is this significant?Thanks!  

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter Nine of Lord of the Flies, Jack finally decides to create his own tribe, promising its members plenty of food, fun and protection from the beast. Ralph tries to remind the boys that he is still the duly elected chief, but Jack reminds him that he no longer holds the conch. As a lightning storm erupts, the boys begin to dance wildly in circles, and when what they perceive to be the beast comes from the woods, the boys furiously attack it. However, it is not the beast: It is Simon, who has returned to tell them that the beast is only a dead airman dangling from a parachute. Simon is brutally murdered, and his body washes into the sea.

Simon's death is significant primarily because it marks the end of any civilized behavior on the island. It is also symbolic because it puts an end to the highly spiritual character whose understanding and goodness makes him the best of the castaway boys.

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