In Chapter 8 what does Ponyboy discover that he and Cherry have in common in "The Outsiders"?  

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ponyboy discovers that he and Cherry both see the same sunset and not all Socs are bad.

When Ponyboy and Cherry run into each other at the movie theater, Cherry seems nice for a Soc.  She apologizes for calling Dally “trash” and tells him his brother Soda is a “doll.”  She thanks Johnny for sticking up for her with Dally.  Johnny asks Cherry why she isn’t afraid of them.

"You two are too sweet to scare anyone. First of all, you didn't join in Dallas's dirty talk, and you made him leave us alone. Aid when we asked you to sit up here with us, you didn't act like it was an invitation to make out for the night….” (Ch. 2)

When Pony and Cherry get in line at the concession stand, some of the Socs give them funny looks like they should not be together. He tells her about the time that Johnny was jumped by Socs.

"All Socs aren't like that," she said. "You have to believe me, Ponyboy. Not all of us are like that." (Ch. 2)

Cherry is not like the other Socs Pony has run into.  She doesn't fit his image of a Soc, except that she is preppy.  Cherry doesn’t like Dally because he is coarse and rude, but she is okay with Johnny, Pony, and Two-bit because they behave in a friendly manner.  She confides in Johnny that "things are rough all over."  In some ways, things are not that different between Socs and Greasers because they both have problems.

She kind of shrugged. "I could just tell. I'll bet you watch sunsets, too." She was quiet for a minute after I nodded. "I used to watch them, too, before I got so busy..." (Ch. 3)

This makes Pony realize that Socs and Greasers see the same sunset, which means they both have some situations that are positive and some that are negative in their lives.  It makes him realize that he can’t group all Socs together, just as the Socs should not group all Greasers together.   Some Socs are actually all right.