For chapter 8 part 1 in 1984, I found it difficult to understand the story in that particular chapter.  Can you provide a summary?

Expert Answers
kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Winston goes on a long walk through the city, happens to see a human hand lying in the street as the result of recent bombing and doesn't feel any strong reaction to it.

He desperately questions an old man in a bar, trying to get him to talk about what life was like before the war, trying to see if there is a possibility of memory and feeling in the proles.

Winston then finds the old shop with curious items that could have only been produced before the war.  He is also shown an upstairs room with a picture of a cathedral that is now in ruins.  He feels some safety there, but feels that he must leave in order not to be discovered.

Outside the shop he sees the girl from the Fiction Department and is afraid she is spying on him.

The chapter serves to finalize the conflict between Winston's life in the present and his desire to return to a past before the party and the war.  He has purchased the paperweight from the store and it acts as a symbol of his willingness to rebel against the party.