What are the most important events in chapter 8 and 9 of Freak the Mighty?

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In chapter 8, the boys are settling into a pretty cool summer.  The most important event that happens is that Freak comes to accept that although Max does not understand as many words as Freak, it does not matter.  The dinosaurs had tiny brains, and they did just fine.

“A dragon is fear of the natural world,” Freak says.  “An archetype of the unknown.”

I go, “What’s an archy-type?” and Freak sighs … (ch 8, p. 45)

In chapter 9, we are reminded how comfortable Max and Freak have gotten with each other.

It’s a habit by now, Freak riding up high on my shoulders and using his little feet to steer me if I forget where we’re going.  (ch 9, p. 48)

The two have developed an easy friendship, and are enjoying spending time together.  Freak guides Max to the hospital and the Fortress, a hospital annex.  Freak says that it’s really an Experimental Bionic Unit.  He makes Max swear by spitting in his hand to not tell anyone.  He promises Max a new body.