In chapter 7 why does Ender want to finish the game in Ender's Game?

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Orson Scott Card has created for his novel, Ender’s Game a complicated and intriguing plot with multiple stories within a story. One of these stories involves the computer game. To understand why he wants to end the game, one has to understand what the game signifies to Ender. Initially he doesn’t want to play the game because he always dies when he gets to the giant. No matter how many times he plays, he always picks the wrong drink and ends up dying from poison. Eventually, Ender gets so angry that he throws the drinks and attacks clawing his eyes out. When the giant dies, Ender is taken into Fairyland but he feels since he killed to save his own life that he is just as bad as his brother Peter. So when he gets to the “end of the world” portion of the game in chapter 7, he wants to finish playing. He feels that if he could just get through the end of the world that he would find a place where he could be relaxed and happy and live a normal life.

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