In Chapter 7 of "From the Mixed Up Files..", why does Jamie pretend to be Angelo Michaels from Marblehead, Massachusetts?

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podunc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Two reasons:

First, Jamie and Claudia are runaways, so they use an alias when they rent a post office box to avoid detection. Second and more importantly, Jamie uses the alias "Angelo Michaels" as an inversion of the sculptor Michelangelo's name. It is Michelangelo that Claudia and Jamie are researching and believe is the sculptor of the angel statue. "Marblehead" is also a reference to Michelangelo's chosen material in sculpture.

mrsthomp12 | Student

Jamie is clever enough to give a fake name while renting a mailbox since he and Claudia have run away from home. He chose to give the name “Angelo Michaels” as a tribute to Michaelangelo. The question of who made the statue Angel is a huge part of Jamie and Claudia’s adventure. They are trying to prove that Michaelangelo did infact sculpt Angel. “Marblehead” is again a reference to the statue as it was made out of marble. This scene showcases Jamie’s intelligence and wit that we see throughout the novel.

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