In chapter 7, who is the main character and what are his/her traits, weakness response to conflict? thank you.

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jblederman eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jem seems to be the main character. He begins finding the presents in the knothole of the tree, after finding his pants mended and placed on the Radley fance. Lee is playing with the voice of Scout, the narrator, and engaging in dramatic irony: we, the readers, are supposed to figure out that Jem knows what is going on: Boo is placing the gifts in the knothole. Scout, of course, isn't aware of this.

Jem begins his short didactic stretch of the novel as well, telling Scout that school gets better as one gets older. He (at first) also protects her from the possible malevolence of the gifts until he is sure that they are safe.

The only conflict that occurs is when Nathan cements up the knothole, preventing any more gifts from being placed there. Jem does confront him, asking why he has done so. Nathan replies that the tree is dying. Once again, we see how intelligent Jem is, as he immediately realizes that this isn't true. It seems as if he also understands when Nathan has done this, and goes to Atticus for what amounts to verification. Jem struggles a bit with the reason, but ultimately, being resilient, moves on with his life.

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