What Is The Significance Of Blocks Biloxi

In Chapter 7 of The Great Gatsby, what is the significance of "Blocks" Biloxi?

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Daisy is recounting her wedding when marrying Tom, and she is trying to think of who fainted that day for then, as at that moment, it was very hot.  “Blocks Mississippi” had attended their wedding, fainted, stayed at Daisy’s father’s house for three weeks, and the day after he left her father died. The reference is significant in several ways. First, the name suggests that Daisy’s family had unsavory connections, for it connotes the world of gangsters rather than a world of wealth; second, reference to him and Daisy’s father’s subsequent death foreshadows the death that ends the chapter, that of Myrtle as a result of Daisy hitting her while driving Gatsby’s car.  Third, after recounting the incident, Daisy says “there wasn’t any connection” between Blocks’ visit and her father’s death, but there is a connection in her mind, for one thought clearly links itself to the other. To remember the death of her father through thoughts of her wedding casts a pale over that event, making it a less than joyous occasion in her mind—something that presages unhappiness and disruption.

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He stays at Jordan's house and her father dies. Not Daisy. "Still- I was married in the middle of June," Daisy remembered. "Louisville in June! Somebody fainted. Who was it fainted, Tom?" "Biloxi," he answered shortly. "A man named Biloxi. 'Blocks' Biloxi, and he made boxes-that's a fact- and he was from Biloxi, Tennessee." "They carried him into my house," appended Jordan, "because we lived just two doors from the church. And he stayed three weeks, until Daddy told him to get out. They day after he left Daddy died." After a moment she added as if she might have sounded irreverent, "There wasn't any connection."
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It's true! This extravagant signifcance did'nt occur at Jordan's house.

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Jordan Baker didn't die, and her father didn't die. It clearly states that Daisy's father died soon after Biloxi left.

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  1. The significance of “Blocks” Biloxi is that he had stayed at Daisy’s house for three weeks since he had fainted at her wedding, but the day after her father had made him leave, her father died.
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That answer is generally correct, except it is not Daisy's house where Biloxi stays nor is it Daisy's father that dies. It's Jordan Baker.

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