In chapter 7, what has increased Tom's hatred of Gatsby?

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I guess I'm a little confused by the question.  Chapter seven is the bulk of Tom's hatred for Gatsby.  This is where he learns of Gatsby and Daisy's prior relationship and has to verbally spar with Gatsby to show who loves Daisy more.  I'm not sure that any real "hatred" existed for Gatsby until this chapter; he was suspicious of the past, but I'm sure he hated Gatsby yet.  Certainly things went downhill for everybody after the hotel fight though.

Maybe you're viewing the ending of chapter seven as a separate incident from the rest.  In which case, the belief that Gatsby killed Myrtle would lead to his increased anger..

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I think one thing that increased Tom's hatred for Gatsby was the confrontation about Tom's infidelity to Daisy. He doesn't see himself as being wrong for it, whereas he is enraged when he finds out about Gatsby and Daisy.

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Gatsby keeps calling Tom old sport which is easily seen as a term of friendship which Tom is not a friend of Gastby

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