In chapter 7 What did Mr. lombard mean when he said,"There are crimes that cannot be brought home to their perpetrators"?

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mr. Lombard is having a discussion with Dr. Armstrong.  They are trying to determine if Mr. and Mrs. Rogers were responsible for the death of the old woman, Miss Brady. Dr. Armstrong found out from Mr. Rogers that Miss Brady suffered from a heart condition.  When there was an attack of the heart, a glass capsule of amyl nitrate was broken under her nose so that it could be inhaled.  This would save her life. However, if she never got the amyl nitrate, she would die.  They determined that it would be very possible for Mr.and Mrs. Rogers to have killed Miss Brady by withholding the amyl nitrate, allowing the heart attack to kill her.  They didn't kill her by doing something to her.  They killed her by NOT doing something for her.  Nothing legally could ever be proved against them in a court of law, although they did cause her death. What Mr. Lombard is saying is that there are some crimes, such as the one just mentioned, that cannot be proved legally, and no one can charge the people responsible with the crime.