In chapter 7, what advice does Becky give Isabel a little before she talks about Lady Clarissa Seymour?

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Becky gives Isabel a ton of information and advice in this chapter. Most of it is focused on what her responsibilities are and how to handle Master and Madame Lockton. Becky also makes sure that Isabel knows that she has to publicly appear as a Loyalist because she is a slave in a Loyalist household. Near the end of the chapter, Becky brings up Lady Clarissa Seymour and explains that she is Master Lockton's old, rich aunt. Becky explains that the Locktons are extremely kind to Lady Seymour's face because they stand to inherit a lot of her money. As the chapter finishes, Becky gives Isabel one last piece of parting advice about how to behave around Lady Seymour and the Locktons. Becky tells Isabel, "Don't stop moving, whatever you do." The advice essentially tells Isabel to always look busy in order to avoid unfair punishment.

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