In Chapter 7 of "The Odd Sea", point out one thing in Melissa's letter that you feel is important and explain why?Like what is important in the letter...

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think the most important thing that Melissa tells Phillip in her letter is that she has been able to wear Ethan's jacket, and that she is sending back home the little wooden sheep she found in the pocket.  This is significant because it symbolizes Melissa's coming to terms with Ethan's disappearance, without having to cling to his memory through her art.

Melissa, an artist, had tried to cope with Ethan's disappearance by keeping him alive in her paintings.  In doing so, however, she began to fear that she was missing out on her own life, being stuck somewhere in an "in-between" world where she believed Ethan existed too.  Melissa went to France to start a new life, taking Ethan's jacket with her, but it had "been hanging in (her) closet since (she) first got there".  It is only now that Melissa has been able to put the jacket on, and her action, corresponding with the advent of her "first boyfriend since Ethan", evidences that she has finally been able to move on.  When she looks in the pocket and finds the wooden sheep which she gave to Ethan two days before he disappeared, her first inclination is to carry it with her everywhere, but then she decided to send it home to Phillip instead.  Melissa is learning to let go, and though she will keep Ethan's memory alive in her heart, she no longer needs to cling to his ghost (Chapter 7).

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