In chapter 7 of The Great Gatsby, how does Nick compare Daisy and Jordan?

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Renelane is correct: Jordan and Daisy are both looked upon as idols that must be worshipped, but they also are looked upon as nothing more than decoration. Tom treats Daisy like one of his possessions, as if she has no mind of her own. Both Daisy and Jordan are spoiled rich girls who have been taught that they have little personal worth beyond the beauty they may bring to their surroundings. In frustration, Daisy emphasizes that point when she quotes herself at the birth of her daughter: "....that's the best thing [sic] a girl can be....a beautiful little fool." Jordan emphasizes the point when she says that she doesn't have to watch out for other drivers because it takes two to make an accident.

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Nick compares Daisy and Jordan to "silver idols" as they lay stretched out on the large couch. In comparing them to this, the silver can be seen as that both women seem to glitter or sparkle, and as idols, they must be worshipped.

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