Chapter 7: decribe ralph's encounter with the boar  - I am having trouble with these questions

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ralph at first is very nervous about hunting and certainly is not looking forward to actually trying to kill an animal.  After he is left alone in the path of the boar, he is forced to respond, throwing his spear, perhaps scaring the boar but certainly not hurting it severely, but he is the center of attention and absolutely loves it.

Ralph feels for a moment or two the free adulation of the boys, the emotion he has longed for in so many situations in his life, but it quickly passes as he tries to make logical decisions, but as it says in the text, he will never be a good chess player.

So the encounter gave him a brief taste of that feeling of power and influence, but it was also to be his last real moment n the sun as his power waned from then on out as he never was that into the hunting, etc., and the boys would soon be following Jack.

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