In chapter 7 of "Night," what are two small passages and a twenty-word synopsis for each?

Expert Answers
Jessica Akcinar eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is virtually impossible to summarize these very important passages in only 20 words, so take what you need from these synopses.

"When they withdrew, next to me were two corpses, side by side, the father and the son. I was fifteen years old."Chapter 7, pg. 96.

Elie is on a crowded train, and an onlooker tosses a piece of bread into the car. Many of the prisoners rush to get it and are injured. Elie sees a man trying to take bread away from his old father, and the old man dies in the fight. The other prisoners then lunge on the son in order to take the bread, and they kill him. Elie is appalled and mentions his age to remind the reader that he is a child who should not witness these atrocities.

"We were all going to die here. All limits had been passed. No one had any strength left. And again the night would be long." Chapter 7, pg. 98.

Elie is about to lose all hope. Night is always the worst time of day for the prisoners, and he does not believe he can make it through another.