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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

by Elizabeth George Speare

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In Chapter 6 of "Witch of Blackbird Pond", what was the argument between Matthew Wood and Reverend Bulkeley over?

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Reverend Bulkeley is a staunch loyalist who believes that the colonists should give their total allegiance to the Crown and its appointee, Governor Andros.  He gets into a heated argument with Matthew Wood because Matthew "(does) not favor knuckling under to this new King's governor".

The Reverend begins the exchange by asking Kit if she is "a loyal subject" like her grandfather before her, and cautions her to "keep her allegiance".  Matthew Wood takes umbrage to his implication, and declares that "her allegiance is in no danger in (his) house", and that he is "no traitor".  The Reverend replies that he did not intend to imply that Matthew is a traitor, but maintains that Matthew is "mistaken...(although) not a traitor - yet".  Matthew responds angrily that "we here in Connecticut will never recognize" Andros' appointment, and asks rhetorically, "Do you think we have labored and sacrificed all these years to build up a free government only to hand it over without a murmur?"  Reverend Bulkeley reiterates that Matthew is mistaken in his beliefs, and warns that his obstinancy can only have "evil results".  The Reverend emphasizes that "this stubbornness can lead only to revolution (Chapter 6).

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