In chapter 6 of Animal Farm, what is Squealer's role for Napoleon?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Throughout the novel, Squealer's primary purpose is to make sure that the animals fully support Napoleon's policies and the reign of the pigs.  As life for the animals becomes more difficult and challenging, Squealer's role and need increase because there is a greater need to "spin" what is happening on the farm.  For example, Squealer explains the difficulties of increased labor on the farm and greater difficulty as a result of Snowball's treachery and his disloyalty.  In this, one sees Squealer's great ability to both increase the legitimacy of the pigs' rule and alienate their enemies, at the same time.  Squealer's purpose is being able to ensure that public loyalty is present with the pigs' administration on the farm.  His ability to craft what is happening and "spin it" to the animals is what allows the pigs to continue their rule, uninterrupted, despite the challenges that the animals endure.  Napoleon finds Squealer invaluable and more needed as difficulties on the farm mount.  He understands clearly that one of the reasons why the initial revolution was successful was because Mr. Jones never really communicated with the animals.  Napoleon wishes to avert this fate, and in this, Squealer proves to be essential for Napoleon and the pigs to remain in power.