In Chapter 6, What are Napoleon's methods of dealing with disagreement?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are two main ways in which Napoleon deals with people (animals) that disagree with him.  First, he threatens them and forces them to be silent.  Second, he uses other animals to drown them out when they try to talk in public.

When dissenting animals try to talk in public, Napoleon usually has the sheep start bleating (they bleat slogans like "Four legs good, two legs bad).  When they do this, no one can hear the animals that are disagreeing with Napoleon.

Napoleon also has the nine dogs that he uses to threaten people (they growl at them) who are trying to disagree with him.

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book "Animal Farm" Napolean is a destructive and dominating character.  The animals have to work for sixty hours a week.  It is supposedly voluntary but the animals do not get food rations unless they work.  Napolean increases their work time to include working on Sundays.  He is a tyrant.  Boxer overworks himself because of his belief that Napolean is always right.

Napolean presents the animals with a new policy. The animals do not feel good about dealing with humans.  The initial intent of their new society was not to be dependent on humans for anything.

When the four pigs try to protest, Napolean has the dogs growling at them.  He tells them to be silent.

The other method that Napoleon applies is to use a scapegoat to direct mishaps on.  When the windmill is in destruction he turns everyone's beliefs towards Snowball and blames him.