In Chapter 6 of "Prince Caspian", how is Caspian changing because he is having the best time he has ever had?

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Prince Caspian has the best time he has ever had meeting the exiled denizens of Old Narnia.  His experience verifies for him once and for all that the land and people he had only dreamed about really do exist.  As he experiences the wonders of a civilization long thought destroyed by his ancestors, the Prince, who had never before thought seriously about the realities of war, begins to consider for the first time that an armed conflict between the Telmarines and the Old Narnians is inevitable, and that from the point of view of the Narnians, "it is quite possible that they might win (this) war, and quite certain that they must wage one" (Chapter 6).

Trumpkin, Badger, and Nikabrik introduce Prince Caspian to "all sorts of creatures from the Old Days of Narnia (who) still lived on in hiding" (Chapter 5).  They begin with the "Three Bulgy Bears, and then take the Prince to meet Patterwig, "the most magnificent red squirrel that Caspian had ever seen".  Among the other countless new acquaintances Prince Caspian meets are the Seven Brothers of the Shuddering Wood and Glenstorm, the great and noble Centaur.  Caspian's evil Uncle Miraz has until this time kept close watch over the young prince and has declared that the tales of Old Narnia are lies.  Miraz wants to be king of Narnia, and, with this in mind, it is to his better interest that the history of Old Narnia be kept a secret, and the rightful heir to the throne, Prince Caspian, be eliminated (Chapter 6).

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