In chapter 6 of The Pearl, how have Kino's visions in the pearl changed? What does he see now?

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Kino’s visions in the pearl turn to darkness.

When Kino first found the pearl, he saw it as his family’s fortune turned.  He thought it was his way out.  It soon became clear, however, that the pearl was a thing of darkness.  Almost immediately, people began to try to steal from him.  The pearl, his greatest salvation, became his worst nightmare.  In Chapter 6, Kino tries to look on the positive side when he thinks of the pearl, but he realizes that it is too late.  The pearl corrupts all that it touches.

For example, Kino says that he will sell the pearl and buy a rife.  However, in the pearl he sees only a dark body on the ground dripping with blood.  And that is just the beginning.  Every time Kino tries to be optimistic, and see something positive in his vision in the pearl, he sees only darkness and despair.

"We will be married in a great church." And in the pearl he saw Juana with her beaten face crawling home through the night. "Our son must learn to read," he said frantically. And there in the pearl Coyotito's face, thick and feverish from the medicine. (Ch. 6)

Kino sees the truth.  No good can come from the pearl.  They tried to save Kino, but instead, the doctor tricked them.  Everyone tried to take advantage of them.  The great irony of the pearl was that it was too big to be valuable.  A small pearl could be sold, but such a large one?  All it did was magnify the greed of everyone it came into contact with.

Kino hears the “magic of evil” in the pearl.  He feels that there is no hope for him or his family.  The pearl was a bad omen.  He lost the only thing that mattered to him, and that was his family, and his little boy. 

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