In chapter 6 of Lord of the Flies, what is the new symbol of power?

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Jack challenges the idea that they even need the conch anymore, so it does lose some of its symbolic power. The new symbol of power is the fort which Jack intends to construct on the small island. The idea of the fort symbolizes power because of fear. The dead parachutist has instilled fear in all the boys and Jack knows this. Always proud of being the hunter, the one who controls violence, Jack plays upon this fear by placing more emphasis on the fort than on the fire. Jack reasons that the fort will protect them from the beast; the fire will not. Certainly by this point, Jack is more concerned with power than being rescued. Therefore, even the power of the fire, like the conch, is diminished for those who eventually consider Jack as their leader. But for the fort to retain its symbolic power, the boys must continue to fear the beast. Therefore, Jack must continue to instill fear in order to maintain this power.


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