In Chapter 6 of the Lord of the Flies, how does the novel's depiction of society and social identity compare or contrast with your own?

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In Chapter 6, a paratrooper is shot out of the sky during an aerial battle that takes place above the island. Samneric mistake the paratrooper as the beast and quickly tell the others boys. Upon learning that the beast is on top of the mountain, Jack suggests that his hunters search for it. Ralph joins them and ends up leading the group to investigate the area of the island that will become Castle Rock. Jack and his hunters are fascinated with the cave and wish to play around rather than continue their search for the beast. However, Ralph remains focused on the mission and encourages the boys to climb the mountain.

Throughout the chapter, Golding suggests that civilization is essentially broken. In the "adult world," there is a world war taking place and the dead paratrooper illustrates humanity's depravity and brutality. Ralph also struggles to remain the group's leader when Jack begins to take charge of his hunters. The other boys blindly follow Jack, but still obey Ralph at this point in the novel. Simon and Piggy are both considered outcasts and Piggy is forced to stay behind with the littluns.

In my opinion, Golding's assessment of humanity is accurate. There is a continuing War on Terror and the Republican Party's slogan for the upcoming election is "Make America Safe Again." Similar to the novel, fear and violence are predominant elements in our society. In regards to social identity, Simon is the only character who thinks independently. The other boys are either in favor of civility or savagery. Jack and Ralph struggle for power while the other boys passively follow their lead. Similar to the novel, the majority of the population is forced to follow the political leaders who run the country and passively accept their policies. Few individuals think independently and have insight into the true essence of life like Simon.

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