In chapter 6, how does Ender finally get past “the giant’s drink” part of the game? What does this suggest about his character?

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The “Giant’s Drink” puzzle tests a student’s ability to think outside the obvious choices in making decisions.  After several tries, Ender tries not choosing either drink, but instead attacks the Giant itself, and finds success.  By attacking the giant’s eye, Ender accidentally kills the Giant, not the desired result, but it does worry Ender, and he calls himself a murderer.  The important point here is that Ender, when confronted with an “impossible” choice, creatively finds a third solution.  This ability is an important aspect of his training because beating the Buggers will take creativity.  His act gets him into “Fairyland.”  When the game progresses, Ender finds that thinking creatively will get him a long way, but that his “violence” is another “tool” he must use, but with intelligent decision-making.


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