In Chapter 6 of Animal Farm, how did Squealer explain the new arrangement with Mr. Whymper?

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Associating with humans--"whatever goes upon two legs"--went against the original First Commandment of Animal Farm, but it had been long forgotten. Napoleon soon found it necessary to "engage in trade with the neighboring farms," another breach in protocol concerning the forbidden act of using money. A local solicitor, Mr. Whymple, had been hired to handle the Animal Farm's business affairs. He was a "sly-looking little man" who recognized that he could benefit from the animals' need for a human intermediary between the other farms and, although the animals were wary of his regular presence, they were proud to see that Napoleon--still on all fours--was ordering Whymple about. Squealer assured the other animals that

... the resolution against engaging in trade and using money had never been passed or even suggested. It was pure imagination... lies circulated by Snowball.

Since there was no longer any written proof of this edict,

... the animals were satisfied that they had been mistaken.